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Kari TraaSexy Seamless Hipster

I have never run in underwear specifically made for sports and running before, but it was a last minute purchase and I decided to give Kari Traa’s Sexy Seamless Hipster underwear a try. The price point is a little higher than what I normally would pay but with Kari Traa being a Team Running Free partner it made it worth trying a pair.

I went with the ebony grey colour to blend in with my typical black or grey running bottoms, rather than flashy pink or the light blue in case they ride up (which they did not) as drawing attention to my undies is not really my thing. Being underwear, I did not try them on before purchasing and washing, but the Running Free sales rep explained that the size chart was accurate (unlike some) so I went with the medium and got it right.  As described they are soft and lightweight, but unfortunately the cut was just not right for me. I have tried them while playing soccer as well as running, but I just can’t get used to the feeling of them sitting across those cheeks, ugh. They are “seamless” and I am not sure how they looked but they felt really obvious to me.  They seemed as though they needed to be adjusted constantly, but I felt that needed to be avoided while playing on a co-ed team :p  The waistband did sit comfortably and didn’t put too much pressure on my stomach, and also did not stretch in the wash. I just bought the one pair, as they are sold in singles so I was not too disappointed and glad I gave them a try at least. I don’t think the discomfort had anything to do with the brand or material (which I am a fan of) so if you are used to this style of underwear in everyday life then you will probably really like them. The quality of the stitching is good (seamless as advertised), and the material absorbs sweat better than the regular stuff, like cotton. The tag is a rubberized material so there was no annoying itching. For me it is just a personal preference and contrary to the name I was just not feeling sexy. I will retire them to sleep in, but when it comes to working out they are not my favourite. I would have loved to try the same seamless material in a thong style, but I don’t think Kari Traa has them….yet?!?

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