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Kari Traa Var Bra- review

Overall, I feel that the Kari Traa Var Bra is a great purchase and a much needed addition to my work out wardrobe. It is very comfortable and the elastic around the torso fits nice and snug, but not too tight. When I tried them on at running free I was right between a small and a medium size (which seems to be typical for me) so with advice from the helpful sales staff, I sized up with the medium. I have to adjust the straps right to the top so it is tightest, for the best fit. I have been wearing it for the last season and so far the straps have not stretched out so there is no loss of support.

 I typically have to take the pads out of my bra’s when I wash them because they bunch up and become creased, making it look terrible and bumpy, like its stuffed with Kleenex, but I have not been taking these out and they are still wonderfully smooth. This is a major plus for me because with my other bra’s I usually at some point forget to take them out when I’m in a rush and with this one I have not had too. I also HATE, despise maybe, putting pads back in my bras, trying to fit my fingers in the tiny little holes and making sure the right end is in the proper corner, while getting them to round out properly, most often when I am in a rush to get a treadmill run in before the baby wakes up again. I have been washing it with my regular work-out clothes using sports suds and hanging to dry and so far the colours still look like new. The colours and floral print are very pretty which I consider a plus compared to my typical boring black, white, or grey bras. I can’t lie, a major reason I picked this bra was because it has my favourite colour in it, TEAL.

In terms of support for running, it is not the strongest, but I have used it for light running on the treadmill and it feels good. I wear it mainly for yoga and stretching and it is really nice to move in, no digging in. As I mentioned the pattern is adorable so if you are comfortable just wearing a bra when your work-out it looks really cute. It is very lightweight and breaths really well, with a mesh panel on the back. I was nursing for a while when I first picked it up and it was easy to slip down and feed the baby. I spent hundreds in nursing sports bras but this was more versatile and comfortable than the specialized ones I bought.

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