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As part of team running free lottery I received the Super Feet credit. I went ahead and picked up a pair of Super Feet Run Comfort size E.
While running and biking for over 10 years. I have been fortunate to never have to switch of a pair of insoles in my “exercising” shoes. However, during everyday life i have always worn prescribed orthotics in my work shoes and day to day shoes. Wearing these super Feet insoles, orthotics are no longer required. They provide many options & styles to choose from and that cater to shape of your feet. I have found no issues when switching them in and out as required between shoes. Over the last couple of days, i have truly enjoyed wearing the insoles. I completed Florida IM this past Saturday and following the race immediately had my Super Feet insoles in my shoes. I have been able to recover over the past 2 days and my feet are still loving these insoles. Please drop in to the RF store and grab yourself a pair. The prices are incredible and comfort is amazing. You will not be disappointed.

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