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Gear Review: Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

So what the heck is bone conduction headphones anyways? That’s the question everyone asks themselves when they first hear of these headphones. Not too sure on the scientific explanation, but in a nutshell they are like mini speakers above your ear as you can hear your music and the world around you. 

Why would you want to do that?

Noise cancelling headphones is all the rage when you are on an airplane or on public transit or anywhere trying to drown out the rest of the outside world, but when you are out for a run or on a bike ride for your own safety of others (cars, bikes, people) it’s important to be able to hear everything else around you while being active. That’s exactly what these are intended for. I’ve had these for over a month and absolutely love em. I use em all the time while road cycling, mountain biking, trail running, and road running. It allows me to listen to my podcasts and music without worrying for people seeking up on me as I can hear em as if I wasn’t listening to anything at all.


Putting them on for the first time seems a bit awkward as they rest above your ear which seems a bit odd, but as you continue to wear them they actually are quite comfortable and the weight isn’t that much of an issue. Even on long runs, they have a secure but not tight fit that they don’t pinch or get sore above your ear after some time such as other headphones with the same style. They also have a rubber type finish which help grip them to your head as on sweaty hot days they seem to never lose their traction.

Sound quality

Don’t expect mind blowing amazing stereo sound as many similar priced headphones, but remember that’s not what these are intended for. They meant to provide you with great sounding audio quality while you can exercise in a safe setting.


The battery life for these headphones run you about 8-10 hours on charge. I usually charge em once a week. They connect easily to your phone the first time and pair seamlessly every time you use them. Finally, I love how it tells you the battery percentage every time you turn them on.

Overall these headphones are amazing as I’ve haven’t picked up my old headphone since purchasing them. I even wear them around the house while doing dishes or house work as I can listen to my favorite podcasts while still hearing the family yelling for me. I love these headphones and won’t be reaching for any other pair anytime soon.

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