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Gear Review: New Balance M1080

I hate these shoes. All of my gear reviews so far have been positive, as I’m generally a positive person, but these shoes have been the bane of my feet for the last 500km, and if I had had the money, I would have replaced them sooner.

I usually get a New Balance M880 size 10.5 2E shoe. I love them. I’ve bought 8 pairs of them so far, but this time, the M1080s were on sale for such a good price that I couldn’t resist getting the model up from my usual shoe. I know better now.

All in all the 1080 is not a bad shoe, but it has one design flaw that has plagued be from my first long run in them. On the outside of the shoe, near the ball of your foot, there is an overlay that runs from the soles to the eyelets. It’s stitched into the upper. The stitching on the inside of the shoe has acted like a saw on my foot and has given me a blister on both feet in that exact location for every run since I bought them.

Serves me right for trying something new. I bought a new pair of M880s (my 9th pair) yesterday.

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