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Gear Review: Ryder Face Sunglasses

Bought these glasses at the beginning of the summer to be a dedicated pair of running sunglasses, but they quickly became my go-to pair of every day glasses. The large lenses in the glasses cover your entire field of view, allowing to keep an eye on trip hazards in your peripheral vision without the annoying black band of the bottom of the frames, and during the high-sun days of summer, you never get the sun sneaking in over the top, or around the side of the frames. The polarized, grey lenses are dark enough to prevent eye fatigue in the direct sun, without being too dark when a random cloud passes overhead. In addition, they are quite light, but still hold on to your face when you really start sweating. And as a bonus to those of us with large noggins, they don’t squeeze on the side of my head like so many other glasses do.

The only downside to these glasses, is that they need an active air flow to prevent fogging when I’m out for a run. Most of the time, that’s not an issue, but on a hot day, when there’s a tail wind that matches your running speed so that it feels like there’s no wind, the glasses do tend to fog. I’m planning on getting an anti-fogging spray to try on them next summer.

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