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New Balance FuelCell Propel

They say you learn from your mistakes and so have I. I bought the New Balance Fuel Cell Propel at the end of of October after sustaining a calf and shins injury. At first I loved it, It was light soft and I felt a lot quicker. Then when I began to run the long miles, the injuries to the hips and knees began. At first I didn’t know what happened. I videoed my run and noticed I was heal striking. By January each run began painful. 

Initially What I liked; it felt light, I felt faster, I felt as though I was leaning forward. It felt a comfortable fit. I felt this was a good shoe for shorter distances.

What I didn’t like, After the injuries mounted up, I realized I wasn’t comfortable with the lean. I began to heal strike, I guess my mind kept adjusting the way my foot landed on the asphalt. I completed about 300 km and I feel the shoes are done. It definitely is not suitable for long distance. I would never buy this runner again.


I am training to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2021. But I don't want to just run the race. I want to run the race with a good time. The training started Nov 2019. The goal is run, run and run.

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