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Musselman 70.3 Triathlon

I had a great time racing at Musselman 70.3 this past weekend in Geneva New York. This is an Ironman branded race that has plenty of support.

Swim (1.9km) in Seneca lake

  • The swim corral was full and did not allow many athletes to get to the projected finish time starting point. I did managed to get to my time staging area 40-45Min. My mistake was not completing a warm up swim or swimming the day before to test water temperature. The entrance is sandy with approximately 60 feet of sandy bottom before you need to start swimming. When the cold water hit me I had a hard time breathing and it took me about 10 minutes to feel comfortable. There was plenty of turbulence and there were lots of traffic in the water.  I think some swimmers should of staged themselves later. After coming out of the water I was happy with my time of 38 Minutes.  

Bike (90KM)

  • The bike course was very well marked with every section of rough patch marked.  Local police did an excellent job controlling traffic not once did I feel there was nay issue with vehicles on the roads. The bike course take you from Seneca lake to along the shores of Cayuga lake. There is a few small climbs along the way, My total elevation was 624 meters.

Run (21.1KM)

  • As I dropped off the bike my initial thought was that legs actually felt good. As I approached the first aid station I reach for my gel and that when I noticed that I must of dropped all four of my gels. I did not want to try the on course gels since I have not tried that brand before. So I decided to run without gels. The day started to heat up and I was aware that I need to keep my body cool and hydrated. The run course is a two loop course that starts out flat but then has a little hill to deal with. My elevation gained on the total run was 225M.

The Finish

-As per all Ironman events they do a great job with the finish, the announce is calling out you name as the spectators are cheering you on.

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