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TriMuskokan Triathlon

On Sunday June 26 I completed in the Trimuskokan triatalon. If you are not familiar with the trimuskokan it’s a “event experience like no other” A  very well organized  triathlon with multiple events.


-Try a Tri

-Short course triathlon

-Swim Bike



-Corporate Relay

I chose to compete in the Short course triathlon. It’s a 750 meter swim a 30 KM Bike and 7.5 km run.

The Swim 750M

To start off you can take a train to the start of the swim course or of course you can walk (about 10 minutes), I chose to take the train. I felt confident with my swim leading into the race, did a quick warm up and made my way to the start buoy. It’s a straight 750M down river with plenty of volunteers in kayaks, SUP, and boats. As you swim up river you can hear supports along the shore. There are also volunteers at the swim exit to help as needed.  

The Bike 30K

As you leave transition you have a short climb (need to make sure you selected the proper gear for the climb) The bike is an 15KM out and back with a bit of climbing on the way out. My elevation gain over the 30Km was 353M. Police and volunteers do a great job controlling traffic. The race director had the bike lane swept the day before the race so we had no gravel to deal with.

The Run 7.5k

The run is a double loop that has a bit of everything.  Leaving transition you have a short down hill paved road till you hit the gravel path towards the swim start. Once near the swim start there is a forested trail that takes you up a hill (most athletes walk the hill). You then continue for a loop on a outdoor track and then back on a paved road  thought a rock cut for  where you either continue for your second loop or head to the finish. There is one water station on the run course but you do past it four time.

The Finish

The finish is lined with supports and volunteers cheering you on. Every athlete get to brake the finishing ribbon.  There will be no beagle or bananas for you at the finish but what they do have is a well prepared meal (chicken souvlaki, with two Greek salads.) A local brewery also made up a limited “Finishers Beer” for participants.


  • A great race with excellent volunteer and a race director who focus is making the race about an experience. 

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