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Superfeet Insole Gear Review


For any runner or person who spends a lot of their day on their feet, and as a result of that has ever experienced prolonged arch soreness, these insoles are designed for you. I detail below, based on my testing, what shoe pairing would make the most sense for this product.

I used a pair of Superfeet Run and Superfeet Adapt Run on my non-carbon shoes for my heart rate zone 2 runs (i.e. easy runs) and felt great appreciation for the support in my arch both during and after my runs. In my opinion, these insoles aren’t necessarily designed to make you run faster and rather are designed to keep your feet healthy and training. As part of any training plan, one has days of intensity and one has days of aerobic maintenance. I would highly recommend these insoles for use on those maintenance days. They are very comfortable to wear, be it for jogging or walking.

Put another way, use of these insoles, in my view, help get one to the start line but I wouldn’t personally use them on race day. The rationale is that on race day I would likely turn to shoes with carbon plates or rods and I don’t think the combination of the insoles pair well with that type of shoe. It’s simply a bit too much technology with the carbon looking to add propulsion while the stiffer Superfeet insole offering firm support.

For those that have read the popular running book, Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall, there are benefits to being able to feel the ground beneath you while running. On that subject then, since these insoles are thicker than the usual stock ones that come with most runners, I would recommend them for shoes that are not already max cushion as this product will add some additional distance between your feet and the ground.

Overall, when paired with the right shoes, Superfeet can make a big difference in how you feel while training and I’m confident can go a long way towards keeping one’s feet and arches healthy and happy. Superfeet will contribute to durability and longevity as it relates to one’s training pursuits. They’re a strong option for recovery days and recovery runs. On vacations where hiking or city exploring is going to result in a much higher step count than one’s typical average, this product would also make for a perfect companion.

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