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OS1st Compression Bracing Sock Review

If you’ve read my other reviews then you already know a few things about me. I do triathlons, I love socks and specifically, I love my OS1st Plantar Fasciitis sock – a lot. When I had the opportunity to try the OS1st Compression Bracing Sock, I was really excited to do so.

The Fit

The main difference between this sock and the Planta Fasciitis sock is the size and fit. While you can comfortably select the same size you would otherwise, these socks go all the way up over your calves, providing compression the entire way.

Don’t forget, this is medical grade compression so these are tight all the way up. If you’ve tried the other socks in the range this won’t be surprising to you but that amount of calf compression did take me a couple minutes to get used to.


These were a great recovery tool following a long run in my other pair of OS1st socks. After a long run or a big bike I’d lay down with these on following my stretching to help with any tenderness or swelling from the workout.

This sock has all the same plantar fasciitis and achilles benefits of the ankle and 1/4 length sock that I love with the added benefit of the calf circulation for improved recovery.

Final Thoughts

This is a great addition to your sock range if you don’t currently have a recovery pair for after your long runs. Combined with the daily wear ankle socks I think that you’re quite set from a training and recovery standpoint.

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