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SAXX Review

I’m normally not a boxer brief type of person – don’t like the restrictive feel of all that material. So, when I saw that SAXX had regular briefs, I said, why not. True to their branding of the ballpark pouch (and I am being a little liberal here) you feel like you are in good hands (no worries – this review is still family rated). Their pouch design does as advertised, and hold you in place. Material quality is excellent and the fit/cut is just right. They only appear to have the one line of briefs – Ultra Brief – but one style was good enough and they had a decent selection of colours/prints. I went with the pineapples – I was wondering if they had one with bananas – but then we might lose the family rating on this review.

Even though I’m not a boxer fan, I did also get their Hightail 2N1 5″ running shorts. It has the same ballpark pouch boxer style inner liner, which is very heavy duty for a shorts liner and built to last. You gotta pull it up a little extra to make sure it doesn’t stick out below the shorts. It also comes in a 7″ and 9″ version for those that like a longer short (you may not have to pull as hard on the liner then).The shorts material itself also felt very solid and built to last. Good quality elastic around the waist and expect it to last more than a few years – nothing like a good pair of shorts but the waist elastic is shot – I’ve got a few of those in my drawer – I’m sure you’ve got a few as well. I went with the sport blue colour (they have the traditional black and grey/graphite) which has a bit of grey and orange in the waist band – pretty sharp looking as I’m running down the road I might say. 7″ and 9″ come in different colour schemes – so probably enough variety to cater to most.

I gotta to say, I have enjoyed wearing both; great quality, fit, comfort and value.
Christmas is coming – they both make a great gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Happy Trails

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