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Fox River Women’s Compression Socks

I’ve traditionally used compression socks only for recovery. This season I decided to try some compression socks for my long runs. The Vite LX socks by Fox River are amazing!

I have a small narrow foot and found these socks fit snugly without bulk. I’ve tried both the small and medium sizes and find the mediums a bit too big and although I still wear them, I do find the heel extends up the back of my foot, which doesn’t happen with the smaller size.

These socks wick the moisture well on long runs or in wet conditions. There is no slippage which prevents blistering.

I often experience foot cramping after my longs run and was hoping to see some relief with these socks. I have seen things subside but do still experience some cramping at the end of my runs.

I prefer a ‘thicker’ sock rather than a thin one. The extra cushioning in these socks is well placed and comfortable. They are very durable and wash well — keeping both their shape and size and hence the effectiveness of the sock.

I have both the ankle length as well as the higher crew version. I’ve had problems with other brands of socks slipping at the heel when the sock doesn’t have an ‘ankle tab’. These socks do not have an ‘ankle tab’ but stay in place! 

I’m very pleased with these socks and will definitely get more in the future!

Thanks to Fox River for such a great product!

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