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Fox River Socks – By Domenic Lonuzzo

If you’re like most runners, you have a drawer full of socks that you have collected over the years, but really only a handful of go to socks that you use on a regular basis. Add Fox River to your if you don’t already use them.

I have been running in one of their 1/4 Trail socks for the past two years – if memory serves me correct (I’m in the 50-60 age category – so it’s starting to get questionable at times) this is a merino wool blend version (from what I see on-line I don’t see a current offering with a wool blend). I use this sock exclusively for winter running and it has served my feet well – they wick well and keep my feet warm – no discomfort/chaffing. So this season I decided to give their “summer socks” a go. I tried the Fox River Velox LX Quarter – and I was not disappointed. The sock has a nice comfortable feel and hugs the foot well. The socks are made from TENCEL®, use memory knit construction throughout and spandex compression zones – they feel great, fit well and keep their shape/compression zones wash after wash. Their Helix Fit (TM) does a really nice job of hugging the foot and keeing the sock in place. Reinforced heel and toe zones add to the life of the sock – as well as to the enjoyment of running – nothing like a little chaffing to ruin the experience. The vented panels allow moisture (if your feet aren’t sweating your not trying hard enough) to escape and the cushioned areas add a bit of shock absorption that just feels nice. I have three pairs that I have added to my drawer and they have become my go to three season socks. They come in three sizes  and various cuts so fit and sock length preference should not be an issue.

Christmas is just around the corner – what better stocking stuffer than a pair of Fox River socks – well, two or three pairs of course.

Run Hard – Run Safe

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