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Nathan QuickDraw Elite hydration bottle

my preference is to be the least encumbered runner that i can possibly be.  that’s why i don’t run with music, and (to my friend trevor‘s great surprise when we first started training together) why i don’t usually carry any water on my workouts.

however, having set my sights on tackling my first ultra this year i decided that perhaps it would be wise to invest in some kind of hydration system … whether it be a packstyle bladder and tube or a belt and multiple bottles or a handheld container.  after some consultation with seasoned ultra and trail running competitors, i decided to pick up the Nathan quickdraw elite from Running Free.

IMG_20141030_144309273on the one hand:

the nathan quickdraw elite (QDE) is a well thought-through product.  from the multiple front pockets – including a zippered one large enough for most smartphones should you choose to carry one along – to the adjustable velcro sizing strap and the standard-ish sized 22oz sport water bottle, this piece of gear is designed with the runner’s comfort and accessibility in mind.

some of the best features of the QDE are:

    • easy-to-open and close rubber nozzle – use your teeth to yank it open and slam it against one of your glutes to shut it again!  durable and leakproof.
    • quick-fill – no fiddling with bladders or trying to pour juice jugs into itty bitty bottle openings.  the wide mouth on the QDE makes aid station stops a snap.
    • open-hand fit – the webbing on the handhold has a thumbhole to secure the bottle to your hand and allows you to have a loose grasp on the QDE, meaning that you carry less tension in your upper body while running.
    • washability – the bottle can endure the dishwasher and the harness can go through the laundry cycle.
    • protective equipment!! – i’d read elsewhere that one of the upsides to using handheld hydration is that in the event of a trip and fall the bottles can help cushion the landing and save some abrasion.  and yes, i did unwittingly put my QDE to the test – and yes, it helped the tumble look a little more graceful!

IMG_20141030_144328422on the other hand:

really, what’s not to love?

ok, i guess that there are a couple of (minor) points that i could make here:

  • arm swing – whether using a single handheld or a pair in tandem, carrying bottles will affect your otherwise unencumbered arm swing.  it just takes a bit of getting used to – but i certainly didn’t find it distracting or detrimental.
  • temperature – the few times that i’ve ventured out in cooler weather with the QDE i found that my hands were colder than normal if i’d filled the bottle with cold water.  i know that it stands to reason, but after a while the temperature of the water rose a couple of degrees (probably more from body heat than air temperature) and it wound up being comfortable enough.  there were just a few early kilometres of stinging palms.

you can check out my video review of the QDE here: 

the bottom line?  this is a great piece of equipment for any runner, but in particular those who enjoy trail/ultra running.  thumbs up (through the webbing)!

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  • Terrific review, I have one of these bottles too. More noteworthy is your shoe closet. The camera angle gives the impression/revelation that your shoes are stacked over six feet high. That is good stuff.

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