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Last year I picked up the in-between the aerobars Profile Design Aero HC Bottle from Running Free, and even though I was satisfied with it’s features (like ease of cleaning) and performance, with the release of the new Profile Design FC25 and FC35, it was clear that the new bottle was more aerodynamic, and that Profile Design threw in a few extras.

Profile Design Aero HC System

Profile Design FC Hydration System

Here are the improvements to the new hydration system:

  • The aerodynamically streamlined bottle.
  • The bottle is available in 25 oz (739ml), and 35 oz (1035ml).
  • The bottle is available in white or black. Other then looking slick, it seems to me that white is the better choice in order to keep the liquid as cool as possible.
  • The computer mount is actually functional and useable in the out front position. With the Aero HC Bottle, the mount is placed at the rear in order to shield it from the wind and be more aero, but it is way too far back out of sight and essentially useless. To look at the bike computer, you’d need to come out of aero and that ruins any benefit of the system. I never used that mount after my first experience. However, there is a workaround, where you can flip the bottle around to have the mount in front. It’s just that the system is not designed for the bottle to optimally fit that way.
  • The added storage compartment at the rear of the bottle. Good for carrying a few gels. In my first race with the system, the two gels I had flew right out of there after hitting a bump. After that experience, I added a few extra elastic bands to keep any nutrition stored in there more secure.
  • The straw can now be wrapped and secured around the bottle, rather than sitting straight up and in your face.
  • The mounting bracket fits aerobars of a variety of widths. The Aero HC is slightly more limited in that regard as the aerobars go wider. The positive of that system though is that regular water bottles can be used (a good choice when you are out training and don’t need the fancy aero bottle), you can’t do that with the FC 25 or 35.
  • I liked the refill ports on both bottles, but the new system is definitely less messy with its large port.

You’d be well served with either system. Your decision lies in whether it’s worth it for you to pay extra for a more aero system, the storage compartment, and the other perks discussed here.

Grab it at Running Free and use code 11296 to save a few dollars.

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