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Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

Mizuno believes “Sports are for everyone. Not just the elite. Not just the naturally gifted. Everyone. And we’re here to unleash the athlete within us all.” Rihachi Mizuno from Osaka Japan established the company in 1906.

108 years later I put on my first pair of Mizuno running shoes. It was a big change as I had been wearing Newton’s prior to the switch. But I found the transition easy as their “Wave” technology is very comfortable and fits the foot well.

The Inspire Wave has the “Wave” design in the sole for stability in all their models. This technology is interesting because it allows for support but, also has the ability to flex slightly which helps for comfort. The wave height varies depending on the style of shoe you wear stability, neutral etc.

All Mizuno’s are hand made, so I found that when I was trying to find my size, the shoe felt tight in some places but not in others with the same shoe size. I did have to try on a couple of pairs to get the most comfortable pair. I am a triathlete and use speed laces, I find that the eye hole liner isn’t very strong. I don’t have the speed laces very tight but I still find the shoe buckles there. Once your foot is in the shoe everything seems fine. Most likely it because they want to cut weight from the shoe so they use a lighter material.

The Inspire’s are fairly light coming in at 9.3oz. Not the lightest shoe, but a good light shoe for running. The look of a shoe is important to me. I like the design of the “Wave” and the multicolour pattern to it. The shoe comes in Black/White, Silver/Blue, Orange/Green and Silver/Blue.

So just to recap:

Sizes – Range from 7 – 15

Price – $155

Now hit the roads.

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