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SAXX Underwear Review

Saxx Vibe underwear

SAXX Vibe underwear

With the rapid expansion and specialization of triathlon gear and fitness apparel it seems that every year there is new technology or features incorporated into every garment. In an industry that has very few features or technical advancements, SAXX has managed to design a radical new type of underwear and position itself as a unique alternative to traditional male undergarments.

SAXX manufactures several styles of underwear that all incorporate their primary feature – a mesh ‘pocket’ on the front of the underwear that separates the male anatomy from the inside of the legs. As male readers can well imagine, this does worlds for increasing comfort. More importantly, it allows for the creation of an undergarment that fights snugly around the legs and butt without excess material like a boxer brief, but fits loosely and comfortably in the areas that matter. Beyond this feature, each style has a slightly differing purpose or materials. For example, the Ultra line is made of a super comfortable material, the Quest is made of a lightweight quick-dry material designed for travelling, and the Kinetic is made of a semi-compression, moisture-wicking mesh and is designed to wear as an athletic undergarment. There are products in a range of fits from a somewhat loose boxer-brief fit to a semi-compression fit, and long or short legs. Most of their styles are available with or without a fly, depending upon how adventurous you are. There are additional offerings on their website such as briefs, t-shirts, and a few more specialized product lines. Lastly, for maximum comfort all of their product lines feature no tags and flat-lock seams so there’s nothing to dig in, chafe or cause irritation.

Style, Designs and Materials

SAXX Ultra and Quest

SAXX Ultra and Quest

The Vibe series is the most fashion-conscious offering from SAXX and delivers the same material as their Ultra line in a huge assortment of patterns and colours. The prints and designs are excellent and creative. If you like fancy designs or interesting colours in your undergarments, SAXX won’t disappoint. All of their designs look great. The ultra line is made of an ultra-soft viscose material. The quest line is made of an ultra-light, quick dry mesh. The Kinetic is a light mesh technical wicking layer. The Fiesta line is the most budget-conscious and is made of traditional -but still soft- cotton. As mentioned above the Vibe series offers the most interesting prints, but all other lines feature styles that run the gamut from plain grey to electric blue and orange trimmed-designs.

Specifics on each design and materials can be found here.

Fit and Comfort

Inner mesh pouch of SAXX underwear

Inner mesh pouch of SAXX underwear

As mentioned previously, all SAXX underwear features the same mesh pocket in the front. This is designed to separate your male anatomy from your legs and prevent sticking and chafing. Additionally, it allows for a snug fit around the legs with a loose fit in the crotch. This design feature truly is revolutionary – this underwear is simply the most comfortable on the market. If you’re looking for the slim fit of a boxer brief but hate the restrictive feeling in the crotch of traditional designs, this underwear is definitely worth trying. Note that the ‘modern fit’ styles fit much more snugly than the traditional fit and in my experience it can be more comfortable to choose a size up from what you’d normally wear.

SAXX Quest's ultra-light, quick dry mesh

SAXX Quest’s ultra-light, quick dry mesh

The Vibe and Ultra lines are made of viscose elastic material and are extremely comfortable – they are quite literally the most comfortable underwear that I’ve ever worn. The material is light and comfortable, and after a few minutes it’s hard to believe you’re actually wearing anything. The Quest is an ultra-light mesh that is advertised as being quick drying- if you’re looking for a base layer for hiking or sweaty activities, a mud race or travel to a rainy or hot location (think Asia during the wet season), this underwear is exactly what you’d want to be wearing. The material isn’t as soft as the Ultra but it is definitely more comfortable than just about anything else on the market. I chose to wear a size larger than usual in the Quest underwear, and this allowed it to have the same fit as the more relaxed Ultra line.

Close-up of SAXX Ultra's extremely soft fabric

Close-up of SAXX Ultra’s extremely soft fabric

Having worn several of pairs of SAXX underwear in different product lines, I can say without a doubt that it’s the most comfortable underwear that I own. There is simply nothing else on the market that offers this level of comfort. Thankfully, this top of the line performance doesn’t come at a cost, as all of their styles are priced in the $29-39 range which is pretty standard for men’s underwear. From casual undergarments to technical and performance base-layers, SAXX offers underwear for almost every purpose with a fit that’s second to none in terms of comfort. I highly recommend giving them a try- you’ll quickly find it becomes the only type that you’ll wear.

SAXX underwear is available at in a large selection of styles and patterns. Try them out today- you won’t be disappointed!

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