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EC3D Twist Compression Socks Unisex Pink/Grey - EC3D Style # CG800CW-PKG S16 OWhy I love the EC3D gear has really only one true answer – simply because it’s the best compression/recovery gear I’ve ever tried. Sure I’ve tried other big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma… But nothing compares to EC3D.

In my sport (football/soccer) the most important is injury prevention just as in any other sport. The comfort I get from wearing the tights, the sense of security when making an extra long lunge or sprint; it elevates my game to where I’m not thinking about pulling any muscles but just focusing 100% on my task/job.

It really gives you peace of mind to know that you’re in “good hands”. The area between the hipflexer and the lower thigh is a very sensitive area in my sport. I’ve encountered some obstacles when trying to secure the muscles from tearing/pulling; EC3D gear does exactly that. I’ve never had to think twice before pulling a trigger, shooting or passing while wearing the EC3D gear.

IEC3D Sport Compression Knicker Unisex Atomic Purple - EC3D Style # BC 304D-AP F15’ve also played in both extremely cold and hot environments; two opposites, Montreal and Bangkok. What’s awesome about this equipment is that in cold conditions it keeps you warm as opposed to cool in the heat, without restricting your movement.

Finally, I have to mention my favorite recovery gear! I’ve been using the tights and socks since 2011 and I swear by them. Whether it is a long journey on the plane, bus or just putting on the gear after the game or training, it makes a huge difference for me to have it on versus not having it on. The feeling of tired legs after training sometimes limits me to do other activities during the day, but if I’m wearing the pants/socks it feels like I have the support that I need for the rest of the day. The blood circulates much better and my recovery is faster by at least 50%.

I always recommend EC3D to everyone who asks what I’m wearing and why. Those who try it, swear by it just as I do. Nobody has pushed me to say what I have said in these paragraphs – I just feel very lucky and excited to have discovered EC3D products that help me uplift my game to the level where 3% or 4% of any advantage is a difference between succeeding or failing, winning or losing.

Jana Richtrova – Triathlete
Article appears courtesy of EC3D


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