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Gear Review – TriggerPoint Grid Roller

Gear Review  – TriggerPoint Grid Roller

Earlier this year when the Team Running Free lottery was held, I was fortunate to be awarded a credit toward an item from TriggerPoint Performance Therapy. While I have used various rollers in the past at the gym, I did not own one personally so decided on the Grid Foam Roller. Measuring 13 inches in height and 5 1/2 inches in diameter, I find this size to be very convenient as it allows me to throw it into my workout duffle for when I want to bring it with me to my workouts. I have been a runner for 6 years and Crossfitter for 4, and while I am fortunate to have avoided injury and pain free, a recent layoff has me slowly getting back into form. Getting back into things, I certainly experienced some of the typical aches and stiffness that can follow a layoff. To help in my recovery and to improve general mobility I have been using the Grid following runs and workouts (I should probably consider making this part of a more regular routine). This roller is different than the ones I have used before which have tended to be either too soft, and therefore not really delivering the type of massage I was hoping for, or else too knobby, making them uncomfortable to use. The Grid seems to have hit the sweet spot with just the right density of foam plus inner plastic support.  The company has developed their roller with iconic ridges which are designed to increase blood flow and oxygen into the muscles. The unit has 3 unique ‘zones’, each intended to mimic different massage treatments. Now, to be honest, I have not really noticed a difference between these different zones but perhaps as I continue to use the product more, I will begin noticing some subtleties and the zone that works best for me at that time. Overall, I have enjoyed and benefited from using the Grid primarily working my calves, hamstrings and thighs. Typically, I will use for around 10 minutes per session. I know there are many other applications for which this roller can assist in mobility and recovery and I plan to do a bit more research via the YouTube videos the company produces. Finally, the product is definitely of excellent quality so I know it will be with me for a number of years.

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