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the toughest part of training is recovery

while not an avid racer i have always found that it’s training for races that motivates me to run.

so this week has been both torturous and exciting.

having completed my best-ever marathon performance last weekend, i’ve had a stretch of four days now (having run just a few get-the-blood-flowing miles the day after the race) of no running whatsoever.  that constitutes my longest lay-off period in about 15 months … but i needed it.

here are a just a few observations from the last few days:

  1. i’ve definitely gotten to the point where running is an integrated part of my daily lifestyle.  i genuinely miss not getting up to go out an run.
  2. it’s been a long time since i’ve treated myself to a good sleep-in.  it took me three mornings of not getting up before the sun before i actually slept through to when i’d set my alarm.
  3. resting and recovery takes as much discipline as going out the door to workout.  for the two big races prior to the waterloo marathon last weekend i’d shortchanged myself on time off of my feet, and i think that in both instances i paid for it with a less-than-desired experience/result.
  4. it wasn’t too hard to put weight back on.  i gained about 5 lbs. in 3 days, but then read that most of it could probably be accounted for by water retention as part of muscle repair.  and i also saw that meb keflezighi gained about 12 lbs. shortly after his 2015 boston marathon which made me wonder if maybe i haven’t been treating myself enough (!).
  5. my legs feel really good.  i might attribute it to better overall conditioning, smart race-running, extra sleep or the tiux compression socks that i wore as part of my kit on sunday.  maybe all of the above.

now it’s time to switch training gears – gotta hit the hills, log some longer single runs and get my trail legs under me as i focus on the next two big events on my calendar, the sulphur springs 50k and the north face endurance challenge series gore-tex 50 miler (don’t forget to use the promo code D30PVON15 for a 15% discount if you want to sign up for any distance of the north face ecs!).

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