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Gear Review – Gator Sports Tip Toe Socks

Gear Review –  Gator Sports Tip Toe Socks

These are a great, a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast!   I sent my hubby to the Running Free Store in Orangeville last Christmas – wait let me specify, I think it was literally the day before Christmas.  Isn’t that when all husbands start their Christmas shopping?  My list was handwritten nicely on a piece of paper for him.  Can’t mess much up when you write your own Christmas list.  Well…..let me tell you the shock I was in Christmas morning, when I found this little goodie bag filled with these slip on toe warmers inside. How can this be?  It wasn’t on the list?  In all fairness, Jodi from Running Free was working the day before and suggested he buy them. (Thank you Jodi.)

-42 on this lovely race Day!

-42 on this lovely race Day!

So having super bad circulation in my hands and feet, I’ve always been on the search to keep my toes warm.  I’ve tried the light ski sock with a Smart Wool sock on top, but even in temps of just -10 or so, I still come home having to run my fingers and toes under hot water and sometimes a constant numbness for the rest of the day.  We had quite a mild winter last year until February hit and the temperatures fell below -30.  So like any crazy runner, I decided to sign up for a trail run in February called the Oracle Trail Race.  Of course, the weather was a balmy -42 degrees.  I had tried out the Gator Toe socks prior to this on a couple of shorter runs and my toes were toasty warm, but the real test was this race.  Who in their right mind wants to run in this weather?  So dressed like the abominable snowman we ventured out and of course put my little toe warmers on!  Seriously….not even a complaint or hint that my toes were cold.  Also let me tell you that this was not a quick 5k race.  We were out on this trail for over 4 hours!

Unlike most other toe covers these go inside your shoe, over your sock, giving your toes an extra layer of protection. Paired with a good pair of smart wool socks these are impenetrable. Cold, wind, even a modest amount of water will stay off your toes.  I am a much happier runner and more comfortable on those cold running days. 

Perfect for a stocking stuffer this coming holiday season.  These would work great for people who work outside all winter long, runners, cyclists, hikers, skiers or anyone who loves any winter activities.  Very thankful to my hubby (and very thankful to Jodi!)

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