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Addaday Type C Massage Roller

Addaday Type C Massage Roller

There are a few options on the market these days that help with warming muscles up or helping with recovery after a workout.  I have tried a couple and they seem to help but in my opinion some are just glorified rolling pins.  The Type C Massage Roller is something different.  Instead of just having a standard roller, the Type C is composed of 4 different rollers in one.  Three of these rollers are medium density versions of the Surface Skin Technology (SST) with one smaller red gear they call their pinpoint precision gear.  The Precision gear is meant to focus on areas such as the shin, soleus and achilles.

The purpose of the Type C Massage Roller is to get blood flowing to the muscles more efficiently and easier in order to help warm up as well as aid in recovery.  The Surface Skin Technology that wraps around the larger gears is meant to grip the fascia better to help increase the chances getting the muscles loosened up.  Although there are multiple gears, I liked using just one at a time unless on a larger muscle group.  For larger muscles like your hamstring or quads I would use the section that has the two larger gears beside each other.  When focusing on areas such as the calf, I liked going down to just one of the gears.  By focussing on the calf, you help provide stress relief for the achilles, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.  According to the video, working the calf area can also help provide more flexibility in the ankle which helps for heel slippage and toe off.  For smaller harder to reach areas, it is recommended to switch to the small red gear which allows for more precision.  This worked especially well for targeting the side of the calf muscle versus using the larger gear for the main part of the calf.  If you are sore already, you may feel some discomfort when using the smaller gear but it is a good uncomfortable feeling as you know it is helping.

Unlike most rollers that you just roll up and down, the Type C Massage Roller can pivot back and forth or move side to side (twisting motion) which really helps work an area and loosen up the fascia more.  Besides just using this on my leg muscles, I found the roller useful for my neck after spending too long working at a computer.  The only complaint I had is that with the Surface Skin Technology that was designed to grip better, there were a few occasions where it gripped too well on my hairy legs.  Very minor complaint and didn’t happen very often especially considering the frequency of use.

Besides liking how well the Type C Massage Roller worked, I liked the size as I found it small enough that I could take it with me to races, just shoving it in a bag or even when travelling for work and putting it in my carry on luggage.  Addaday has many other products that I would urge you to look at.  I selected the Type C as I felt it was the best value since it was composed of multiple other versions of the smaller products.  It is well worth the money even if you already have a hand roller from another manufacture.  Once you try this, you won’t go back!

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