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Brooks Adrenaline

I’ve been running for 5 years and have tried a variety of shoes – light weight neutral, cushioning and stability. I’ve found that I always come back to Brooks Adrenaline. As much as I would like to be able to train in a light weight neutral shoe, my reoccurring injuries demand a shoe with stability. I’ve tried a variety of stability shoes but Brooks Adrenaline is my go to shoe.



Over the years there have been a few modifications to the shoe, some which I had trouble adapting to however overall it has been a great shoe for me.  I once had the option to purchase 3 pairs of the prior years edition at a steal of a price but opted not to because the hot pink colour clashed with the red RF geer! (haha) — I absolutely regret not getting all 3 pair — my feet seemed to do well in that version and even though the fashion was a disaster on race day, it would have been a gift to my credit card and my training regime.

So if you’re a person who requires a stability shoe, give Brooks Adrenaline a try — it’s worth it!


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