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I was fortunate enough to receive a multitude of GU products through the lottery.  Seeing as I use a lot of electrolyte drinks and gels throughout the summer months it was a very useful product line to receive.

First up is the GU Hydration Drink Mix.  I received a container of the Lemon Lime powder and the Orange powder.  I used both regularly throughout the summer.  The first thing I noticed about the drink mix is it is much less sweet than other brands I have tried.  I checked out the label and I was right, you only take in about 70 calories per 600 ml which is almost half of what I am used to in other drinks.  That being said I didn’t have a problem during any of my long rides or runs and I felt better about ingesting less sugar.  I found the Lemon Lime flavour had a bit of a kick to it, it was almost sour.  My husband really enjoyed the Lemon Lime.  I think overall I preferred the Orange, very mild and didn’t make my mouth pucker so much.  All in all I would purchase these again.

Secondly is the Gels.  Not too much to say about the gels.  Very smooth, not gritty.  I received some with caffeine in them and was a little leary of trying them.  I have not experimented with caffeine DURING exercise so have to honestly say I can’t comment on them.  I usually only use gels during a race or a very long run or ride.  I did use the gels during the K-Town triathlon and experienced no ill effects.

Now, the one thing I am a big fan of and convert to is the GU Chews.  Again, they are full of electrolytes, amino acids and sodium so a nice alternative to gels.  The Watermelon were my favourite and I will be purchasing these for sure over the spring and summer as I prepare for a 70.3.  I loved how I could just pop one in my mouth while riding the bike and not have to worry about squishing the gel out and getting messy.  I just threw a bunch in the back of my jersey and would pull out one every few minutes and just chew away.  They are awesome and taste really good too.  I highly recommend the Chews!

On a 90 K bike ride I was finally able to try out the Stroopwafels.  I wasn’t really sure how to utilize these so thought a very casual 90 K ride was the perfect opportunity.  They have all the qualities of a gel or sport drink but in the form of a biscuit or cookie.  They are slightly crunchy on the outside with a bit of a creamy centre.  I guess sports nutrition is trying to appeal to a variety of palates.  I ate one about half way through my ride and quite enjoyed it.  It was the Salty’s Caramel flavour.  No caffeine.  150 Calories.  So, it’s a great way to get in some much needed fuel in a bit of a different form.  If you’re tired of gels, try a Stroopwafel.  I would much rather eat a Stroopwafel on a long bike ride than try and get down a Clif bar.  Now, I am not so sure I would eat one during a long run with all the jostling.  I would stick with gels and fluids.  But the Stroopwafel and Chews are great for long training rides.  The Chews are something I for sure will be using in my racing kit next year as well.

I really enjoyed trying out the GU products I received.  I feel fortunate to be able to receive great quality products and let people know what I think!  Thanks Running Free and GU for the opportunity.

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