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Chase the Coyote 2017

Long overdue! I ran the ‘short’ course at the Chase the Coyote last year and was happy to be challenged to run the longer (which is now the ‘short’ course) this year. The organization and welcoming feeling from volunteers that you get at the start of the race was great, from the registration to the parking attendants to the on-course station peeps – always encouraging and friendly. I appreciate the early hours that most of them were there very early for the start of the long course. The views along the course were amazing when you got to the top! Yes, there were a lot of hills and ‘no’ I did not do enough hill training! The course was not all hills though. I remember one part close to the end where the trail widened and there was this wonderful breeze that was well –needed at that point in the run. There was definitely a sense of belonging amongst the other runners along the course and I was proud to don my Running Free shirt. I will definitely run Chase again, but not sure if I am ready for the longer course just yet! I need to get a few more 15km trail runs in first!

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