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SAXX Kinetic Run Short – First Glimpse

I so want to ask ……. do these shorts “hit it out of the ballpark?” But as this is how SAXX refers to there “male friendly” liner – I’ll just not go there.

So – I have been out on a couple short 5K runs with the SAXX Kinetic Run Short (5″). First impression is very positive. The aforementioned Ballpark Pouch provides very good support, with zero chafing. I typically rely on RonHill shorts out of the UK, and they have served well over several 100 mile races. But the SAXX design could be a contender.

The SAXX design and fit are just right. The sizing is true to size (I wear a medium). My only  issue is the pockets. I so wish these shorts had a  zippered pocket in the back – for long runs on the trails, these pockets can be invaluable. The Kinetic Run Shorts have two open slash pockets in the front, which have not way of closing (zipper or velcro). These, in my opinion, are of no use over a long race. There is a small zippered compartment within the right pocket – but this is limited in size & so far the zipper gets stuck very easily.

Here is a link to the RUNNING FREE web site for any technical specifications.

I will have to update this review as I get longer  runs in them. I may also consider modifying with velcro to keep the front pocket contents secure

Thank you


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