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Welcome Team Running Free 2020 Athletes

Welcome Team Running Free 2020 Athletes

A new season of Team Running Free has been announced! We’re pleased to introduce you to our very enthusiastic group of athletes that were selected for Team Running Free 2020. Congrats to everyone who was selected and a sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to apply. Applications for 2021 will be available here starting in September of 2020.

Team RF athletes aged 16 to 60 race and volunteer at literally hundreds of events in support of their community. We couldn’t be more of proud seeing all those red Team RF jerseys on race courses and podiums all over the world. What really makes these athletes special is their passion and commitment to inspiring and encouraging competitors to pursue and achieve their goals.

One of the fundamental principals of the Team Running Free program is that it’s not just made up of the fastest of the fast. It brings recreational and competitive athletes of all levels together under the same banner with the purpose not just of winning, but of inspiring and building confidence, both in themselves and others.

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