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Gear Review: SAXX Underwear Co

Having the opportunity to test out SAXX Underwear, I was intrigued by the brand and its patented Ballpark Pouch concept. Underwear seeks to marry function and style, and SAXX Underwear successfully integrates both.
Running Free carries a wide selection of the SAXX apparel line and I spent a surprising amount of time perusing the different models, sizes and patterns. I do not use underwear under running or triathlon shorts, so was looking for a pair that would hold up to everyday use and travel. Ultimately, I decided to try the Quest 2.0 – Boxer Brief – 5” from the Performance line and the Vibe – Boxer Brief – 5” from the Everyday line.
Out of the box, product quality is apparent. Seams are well sewn and smooth to prevent chaffing. The fabric is soft, of high quality and comes in a variety of patterns to suit your sense of style. Some patterns are traditional while others are uniquely amusing.
The Quest 2.0 is made of light, quick-drying material and has a fly opening. The Vibe fits similar to the Quest 2.0, but is made of a different, more cotton-like fabric for everyday use. I took both on several trips and they were comfortable for the many hours spent in airplanes, walking through cities and sitting in meetings. They also wash easily and can be line dried if luggage space is limited or on a longer trip. After continued use and machine washings, they do not show signs of wear, which is telling of a quality garment.
The Ballpark Pouch is a pair of liners that extend longitudinally down the front inside of the underwear to separate your man bits from the inner upper thighs. This prevents skin-on-skin friction and avoids chaffing while walking or running. During normal use, I never experienced any discomfort.
Saxx Underwear also has a 2N1 line where the underwear forms the liner of a pair of shorts. The shorts are a little long for running, but I think it’s a great concept and would be great for cross-training.
In summary, the SAXX Underwear boxer briefs Quest 2.0 and Vibe are comfortable, great looking under-apparel that stand up well to everyday use and travel.

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