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GU review

For my lottery this year, I won free samples of GU. Due to the generous sponsorship of the company, I was able to try a number of different flavours of the energy gel for training and races. I find the gels to be a great source of energy for longer efforts. The gels not only give me energy, but they stave off cramping as well. They are small, easily stored in a pack or even a pocket, easy to open, and are pleasant to consume during a run. I’ve never had a problem with my stomach while eating the gels (in fact, I’ve found that eating a gel has helped settle a slightly upset stomach while running!). The flavours are all pleasant (Chocolate Outrage being my favourite: who doesn’t love chocolate??!) and also wash down easily when combined with hydration. I highly recommend GU energy gels for all runs 1 hour or more, or when you need an extra kick in any other run or workout!

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