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Wasaga Du & KFC

Race: Wasaga Beach Sprint Duathlon
Date: Saturday September 8, 2007.
Location: Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Description: Duathlon 5km/20km/2.5km

After doing Ironman Canada a few weeks ago, all I’ve been doing is slacking and not partaking in much exercise at all. This week I finally did 2 slow runs totalling 41 minutes (6.5 km). Both achilles were still achy and so was my left knee. So while I was looking forward to letting it all hang out at Wasaga, that possibility was not likely.

I got 2.5 hrs of sleep (no explanation), I did not feel like racing but headed out anyway since I love racing at Wasaga. Got to the race site in 1 hr and 25 minutes (found a new quicker route: 400, 26, 27, and 92 into Wasaga).

The wind was strong and for the second year in a row the swim was cancelled for the triathletes. This meant everyone would be doing the duathlon. No difference for me but it would be cool to compare times with the faster triathletes.

The Race

  • The Run (5km) – Everyone was off like a shot. I was running faster than I normally do (usually holding back to ensure I stay injury free for my upcoming Ironman races) but I was not making much progress on the leaders. They were either going way faster than they should, or there were lots of fast runners out this morning.
  • I ran hard but comfortable, finishing the 5km run in 22:29. I was in 35th position at that point so I was looking forward to doing some passing on the bike leg.
  • T1 at Wasaga is one of the hardest on the circuit. You do about 1 minute of running on soft packed sand, then onto the asphalt to the bikes, and then you run your bike out another 50m or so to the bike mount line. I did it in 2:13.

The Bike (20 km)

  • Aerodynamics are especially important on this flat and windy course so I was excited to be back on board my Litespeed Saber (back from IMCAN).
  • I was hoping to plow through and catch up to the top 10 runners. But after 5 km, my legs felt heavy (still cooked from IMCAN) and I could not tap into my extra turbo boost effort. I was making calls to the engine room for more power but no one was answering. I lost some time in the no passing zone (trapped behind one guy taking it as a no speed zone as well), but I still managed to pass 19 people in the short 20km ride.
  • I did the bike in 34:03, averaging 35.2 km/hr. It was the 9th best bike overall.
  • T2 was quick except for that tough sand section before reaching the boardwalk, did it in 1:58.

The Final Run (2.5 km)

  • Out onto the run I saw that Pat Menzies, the first place guy in my age category was about 1 km ahead (we said hi to each other), and the second place guy was too far ahead as well so I just held a hard tempo until the end. I did the final run in 10:33. Total time for the race: 1:11:13, 19th overall, 3rd in the 35-39 age group.

The Stats:
5 km Run – 22:29
T1 – 2:13
20 km Bike – 34:03 (9th best overall)
T2 – 1:58
2.5 km Run – 10:33
Total Time – 1:11:13

Other thoughts

  • This is my 6th year doing this race and it still remains one of my favourites. The run course definitely has variety (sand, boardwalk, asphalt, some dirt and grass), and the bike is flat (but the ever-present wind makes it tougher).
  • Multisport Canada gave us cool tech shirts for this race, and arranged for free parking on the municipal lots for all racers.
  • Team Running Free was well represented and all looked to have kick butt races. Congrats to Karen Gamble, Peter Geering, Prem Hall, Gary Kennedy, Mike Leader, and Horacio Werchow. I missed some others but those races took place when I was chowing down on KFC (see below).
  • I was feeling tired and hungry on the way home. So since I had not yet rewarded myself with my yearly visit to KFC (usually happens after my last Ironman race of the year), I stopped off in Barrie, had a 4 piece meal, fries, cole slaw, and washed it down with a giant Dr. Pepper. It loved every morsel and I’m happy to report that it did not come back to haunt me later. Only 364 days until I get to eat it again. Mmmmm. I love the rewards of training and hard work.
  • As I write this, Rick “Crazyman” Choy has just finished Ironman Wisconsin in 13:37:40 (remember the dude just did Ironman Canada a few weeks ago). That’s 5 Ironman finishes so far this year, and 2 more to go (unless he has more planned). Way to go Rick. I’m jealous.

Up next: Borden Duathlon, Scotiabank 1/2 (2 hour 10 and 1 Pace Bunny)

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