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Ultimate Direction Fury Fuel Belt

I purchased the Ultimate Direction Fury fuel belt last spring and used it on all of my long training runs through the summer. says this about the fuel belt:

“The updated Fury utility belt is great for athletes who want a minimalist training or racing belt for fast and furious distances.”

Here are some of the features:

  • two 10 oz (300 ml) bottles mounted at an angle on the rear
  • one 4 oz gel flask at the front
  • breathable mesh fabric
  • reflective trim
  • adjustable velcro waist
  • zip up storage pocket
  • belt weight of 7 oz (unfilled)
  • comes in 4 sizes, XS to L

Here are my positive personal observations from using it in training (I did not use it in a race):

  • It is comfortable. Obviously, this is a key feature. If you won’t wear a belt because of the fit, there isn’t much point. The mesh fabric and slight padding at the rear are nice features and certainly add to the wear-ability of the belt.
  • The bottles are easy to remove. I was able to remove bottles while still running and never dropped one. The toggled bungees helped keep the bottles in place and minimize movement but were still easy to pull off.
  • The two bottle system enables you to carry water as well as electrolytes. Also, it is easier to keep the fuel belt balanced and again minimize movement.
  • The belt is affordable relative to others out there.
  • The gel flask is mounted valve down to help ease dispensing.

And now the not so positive observations:

  • I purchased the belt one size too big and without it fitting snug, it bounce a little too much at times and I frequently had to readjust the velcro waist.
  • The storage pocket is too small for much more than some ID, a key and cash. It it not designed for a smart phone or iphone which is a big drawback. I could forcibly squeeze my phone in but nothing else would fit.
  • I tried a GU chocolate outrage in the gel flash but it was simply too thick to suck out. However, this is likely a reflection on the gel and not the flask. Other brands or flavours that are runnier would work better.
  • The two 10 oz bottles really are too small for anything more than a 2 hour run on a hot humid day. It is better suited for runs where your hydration needs aren’t so great.

Overall, it is a solid belt for a good price and one I will continue to use under the proper circumstances.

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