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ISM Podium

ISM Podium

Picture this, you are out for a long bike ride enjoying the scenery and sweating buckets doing interval training. Then it happens, your very private parts go numb. At first you are nervous, is this permanent, will it last long or is it normal? Well the answer is no, maybe and yes.

The reason you go numb is because of perineal pressure caused by straddling a traditional bicycle seat. Which could lead to numbness, urinary tract and yeast infections, prostate inflammation and impotence.

ISM was very generous to let us review the ISM Adamo Podium. By looking at the photo below it looks weird and uncomfortable. But let me tell you why it is neither.

The Podium was very easy to instal, if you have the slightest clue about putting a saddle onto a bike. But if you don’t they have a great how to video. ( The representative who sent us the seat told us to give the saddle a minimum of two weeks to get used to it. He was right. When I went for rides indoor/outdoor I had to make small modifications here and there for optimal comfort. I won’t deny it took a bit to get used to.

The saddle is smaller in length than regular saddles, so right away you are experiencing an unusual feeling. Next you are sitting on your pubic rami and sit bones which is also different from your previous saddle. But I found that taking that time to adjust the saddle and to get used to riding in a slightly different way was worth it.

Nearing the end of the second week I noticed I wasn’t going numb, my rides were more enjoyable. The reason for this is because blood flow in the perineum area remained at 100%. Which means there is a decrease in susceptibility to restricted blood flow, which can lead to arterial occlusion and permanent erectile dysfunction.

Please visit ISM’s website ( for more information and the many other saddles they offer.

Enjoy your ride.

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