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Superfeet Copper/Flexthin

Superfeet: with science built into every pair, they’re encouraging you to step out of the ordinary and #stepintosuperfeet.

Superfeet produce a range of insoles, from the everyday multi usage to a high performance running model. Each pair of insole has been engineered based on the principles of podiatric medicine, which helps stabilize the foot, while the deep, structured heel cup and full length foam provide support and comfort.  

This review will focus on 2 different models of Superfeet insoles: the Copper and the FlexThin.

As a teacher, I’m on my feet all day. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of class just thinking about how much pain I’m in because of my dress shoes. The Superfeet Copper insoles are the perfect solution to this problem. They have memory foam, allowing the insole to be completely customized to the shape of your foot, the heel cup provides added support and stability, and they even have an odor-control coating. These are absolutely my go to model for everyday wear and I’m constantly rotating them in and out of my shoes of the day. They are a bit on the expensive side but they’re absolutely worth it for the removal of pain in your feet.

For my running shoes, specifically the trainers I use for longer runs, I opted to go with the FlexThin model. These have literally extended the shelf life of a couple pairs of shoes that were due for an upgrade. They’re a thin pair of insoles, giving more than enough support without being bulky and weighing you down. The comfort they provide is a noticeable upgrade from the stock insoles in your running shoes and they also help control odor while helping ventilate the forefoot. For someone with smelly and sweaty feet, these two features have really helped improve my running performance. This model retails for about $35 and will be the perfect upgrade for your long runs. Like running with a group, these insoles will help support you along the way.

These products (and other Superfeet products) are available at Running Free locations as well as

Overall, they’re the best pair of insoles that I’ve ever worn. Receiving insoles for your Christmas might be unorthodox but they’ll definitely be on my list this year.

Thanks for reading,

Ryan Ridler

Team Running Free Orangeville Athlete

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