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OS1st – Socks with Purpose

I need to preface this review by stating that I am a sock snob. I am VERY picky about my socks, both for running and for everyday wear. And so, when I learned I had been awarded the OS1st lottery prize, I was both nervous and skeptical.

I decided to try three different lifestyle specific socks: Wellness Socks, Active Comfort Socks, and Plantar Fasciitis Socks.

Plantar Fasciitis Socks: I do not have plantar fasciitis, but I do sometimes get heel and arch pain. This sock is made with targeted compression levels and cushioning that is designed for proper foot support to strengthen the foot structure and prevent symptoms of plantar fasciitis. It also helps to prevent foot fatigue. I have been wearing this sock to work; I am a pharmacy assistant and am on my feet all day. When I wear these socks, I definitely feel the support and at the end of the day my feet are less sore and tired. I really like these socks.

Active Comfort Socks: I love a thick, cushioned sock. This sock is made for staying comfortable all day with plush extra cushion in the heel and toe. I wear these socks for trail running, where I normally wear very thick wool socks. These socks, despite being thinner than I normally choose, are wonderful; I find them soft and breathable, and they have enough heel and toe cushioning to keep my feet happy.

Wellness Socks: These socks are made specifically for sensitive feet, for example for people who are diabetic. They are made with light to moderate compression, diabetic-safe bamboo charcoal cushioning, and are seamless and non-binding. These are just perfect everyday socks. The very first time I wore them to work I remember thinking how good my feet felt all day; I didn’t suffer from my normal foot pain and fatigue.

I highly recommend OS1st socks, and I will be adding more into my rotation. When purchasing, be sure to use the size chart on their website to ensure you get the proper fit; the different compression levels in each style of sock makes ordering the proper size imperative.

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