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Downhill Dash 5K Hamilton 2015

This past weekend I ran the Downhill Dash 5k in Hamilton.

The weather was nice and the race was downhill so it wasn’t as bad as the last race I ran (The North Face Endurance challenge on July 19th 2015). There where around 80 people so not a big crowd, that was good because we where running on a 2 meter wide trail. To get to the trail we had to drive to a pub in Hamilton then take a school bus to the trail then walk for a bit before getting to the starting line. We waited for the second bus full of people to come then we started the race. The trail had no turns or uphills and was downhill all the way was so it was a pretty easy run.

I think it was well run and I would love to race there again next year!

The first place runner was Daniel Mackinnon from Running Free Ajax with a time of 17:o3.  I got 2nd female, 10th overall, and 1st for 0-19 – my time was 20:21.

Great Job Daniel! It was great to meet you 🙂



Dakota Poulter & Daniel Mackinnon – winner of the Downhill Dash in Hamilton 7/25/15


SLAINTE IRISH PUB- 33 Bowen St Hamilton – Kit Pick up & celebration location

Top 3 Female, July 25th, 2015

Top 3 Female, July 25th, 2015



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