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Specialized Trivent

Red. Pow.

Specialized’s S-Works Trivent. Not are they the coolest cycling shoe you have seen, they are so much more. The Trivent is in my opinion the best shoe for triathletes, because of how easy they are to get into and adjust while riding. Another feature I liked was the built in tabs on the shoe for the transition rubber band technique.

The trivent has an “Open” tongue design and lots of meshing. Great for breathability, drying and ventilation. This allows for sockless riding which will help keep your feet cool and ready for the run.

The Trivent has a unique way of doing up. Its called the “Boa Snap Dial (BSD)”. Before the race you pull the drawbridge closure back and lock it by a magnet. Once you jump on your bike coming out of transition you slide your foot in while you are coasting. Push in and turn the BSD to tighten and close the drawbridge. When you are approaching the dismount you pull the BSD out and slide your foot back out.

I have only been able to use the Trivent indoors as I received the shoes in the off season. I will update this article when better weather comes and will comment on transition practice as well as outdoor riding.

The Trivent comes in all of the standard shoe sizes, and has an average weight of 280g. The only downside I see to the Trivent is the cost. A whopping $399.99 for a pair makes them a want instead of need.

Happy riding!

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