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Ryders Strider Photochromic Review

I’ve been looking for a pair of sunglasses for a while now. I am a runner who is starting to get into triathlons so I wanted a good pair of sunglasses mainly for biking to protect my eyes from the sun, wind and rain when I’m riding.


I have a really big head 😂 so I find many sunglasses (or most head gear for that matter) squish my head. It was great to be able to try on so many Ryders sunglasses at the Markham store. They had so many styles available at all kinds of price ranges.


I really wanted the ones with the interchangable lenses but I eventually chose the Strider Photochromic style because they fit my head well, looked good, and had a blue/grey color that was neutral enough for me to wear with anything.


I wore them for the first time at the Spring Run-Off 8k today. They were super lightweight and comfortable. The nose bridge is a rubber kind of material which helps the glasses stay in place. Most of the time, I forgot I had them on.


It comes with a little fabric bag but I would have preferred to have a hard case so that I don’t accidentally break them.


Overall, I would recommend Ryders, especially since they have a huge range of price points to meet everyone’s budget.

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